Young Pup Gives Photographer a Moment to Remember While Lounging on the Beach

An adorable photo will forever mark the moment a seal pup appeared to give a big wave to the camera as it lounged on an English beach.

By Wayne Havenhand – SWNS license

The picture was taken recently on the golden sands of Horsey Beach in Norfolk.

Photographer Wayne Havenhand says the seal’s gesture felt like “a personal moment” between himself and the animal.

“It’s such a cute photo,” said the wildlife photography enthusiast from Bedlington, Northumberland. “The seal definitely looks like it is smiling.”

“It looks like it’s saying, ‘Me sir, me sir!’.”

It was lying there on the quiet beach for about half an hour.

“It kept dozing off, and then waking up and waving its flipper in the air at me.”

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“It seemed to be really comfortable with me lying in the sand taking photos. It was quite a nice moment between the two of us.”

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