When Your Parents Are Not Rich

We are so busy
growing up, we often
forget they are also
growing old.

Mom and Dad, I can not begin to
describe how blessed I am to have
amazing parents in my life. Seeing
true love through you both makes
my heart happy. AS your daughter,
see perfection in both of you.
love you.

Treat Your Parents
With Loving Care, You
Will only Know Their
Value When You See
Their Empty Chair.

My parents are my
backbone. Still are. They’re
the only group that will
support you if you score
zero or you score 40.
Kobe Bryant

Be sure to spend time
with your parents while you
can, because one day when
you look up from your busy
life, they won’t be there

they didn’t leave
you when you were
young, so don’t
leave them when
they are old.

I Believe in
Love at first
Sight, because
I love My Mom
since I Opened
My Eyes…

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