Watch These Dogs Get Into Their Humans’ Workouts!

Dogs are wonderful in a multitude of ways. They provide us protection and support and love that is comparable to that of any human family member. When we are apart, we long to be with them. When we are together, our hearts are full. That being said, there are a few times when we would really rather our furry sidekick give us a little space. Such as when we are working out, for example.

Alexis Karstetter was working out on New Year’s Eve and was filming her form on a piece of equipment.  Her gym appears to be dog-friendly as an adorable English Bulldog comes wiggling his butt right into her shirt. His hug-worthy face works swiftly up through the neck hole of her shirt while she giggles and squeals with delight. She clipped the video and posted it to her Instagram account. Apparently loads of people think this was just as funny as she did. It’s been viewed over 250,000 times.


Alexis is not the first human to have her exercise time interrupted by a curious pup and she won’t be the last. Check out this cutie who gets right on his mama’s tummy while she attempts to do some core work. When that proves not to deter her, he jumps right up on her bent legs for a little game of airplane.

Video: Woa Videos/YouTube

This Beagle is just dying to get in on the action when his human hits the mat to do some nice, relaxing yoga. Oh, you want to down dog, eh? How about I use you as a scratching post while you do that? And as a thanks for letting me rub my back and butt on your upside down face, I’ll give your down-turned mouth a wet kiss.

Video: CFS/YouTube

This next video shows a fit woman who just wants to keep those abs tight. She’s lying on the floor doing some leg raises. Well, her two Huskies are not having it. In classic Husky style, they express their displeasure with these unfamiliar movements in the most vocal way.

Video: Woa Videos/YouTube

In this hysterical “human interrupted” video we see a dog get playfully admonished by his human for attacking the treadmill. This guy is trying to get some cardio in but his dog is not impressed what-so-ever. He attacks the crazy contraption, nearly tripping the man. In a hilarious outburst, he gives the dog the business, even calling the dog a name we won’t write but will happy to let you listen to!

Video: Woa Videos/YouTube

In this last clip, we see that sometimes, dogs want you to stop so that they can practice their own yoga. Here we see a little Papillon get on a young woman’s yoga mat just as she is doing cobra pose. She patiently gets out of the pose and sits on her knees. The cute pup proceeds to stretch her legs back, one after the other and even stops to give the camerawoman a sweet smile.

Video: CFS/YouTube

Do you work out at home? Do your dogs love to interrupt you?

Featured Image Screenshot Alexis Karstetter/Instagram

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