This Village Without Roads Is Straight Out Of A Magical Book

Have you ever wanted to live your magical desire?

If YES, you might want to consider relocating to a village named Giethoorn. Popularly-known as Venice Of Netherlands, the magical village was founded in 1230 and interestingly it’s a location many people would have dreamt of.

The village has no roads and any modern means of transportation, Just canals. Having created an estimated 176 bridges, visitors abandon their vehicles outside of the village and travel in either by foot or whisper boats.

Dubbed a peaceful region, the village’s website attested to being peaceful and wrote: ‘The loudest sound you might hear is the quacking of a duck or perhaps the noise made by birds. It’s like something out of fairytale book.’

More info:

The Village Giethoorn Doesn’t Have Any Roads

But Still Have Means Of Moving Around

The Commonly-Used Mode Of Transportation Is The Whisper Boats


Hence, The Village Is Dubbed Peaceful

Dino Cutic

The Loudest Sound You Will Hear Is The Noises Made By Birds Or Quacking Of A Duck

Popularly-Known As The Venice Of The Netherlands, The Magical Village Was Founded In 1230


The Village First Residents Found Several Peat Deposits As Well As Dug Many Holes

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Fortunately, The Holes Turned Into Lakes

The Islands Were Associated With Over 176 Bridges

Giving The Village A Cozy-Fairytale Appearance

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