This Sassy Iguana Thinks He’s a Supermodel Posing at the Beach – Video

This is the amusing moment a yellow pet iguana sunbathed on a window sill—looking for all the world like a bikini model posing on the beach.


The mango-colored reptile laid on its side, flaunting its stomach while its owner watched in amusement in Thailand’s Chonburi province this January.

It was even resting on one of its webbed-hands. Its position? Well, it looks straight out of the pages of Sports Illustrated: The Swimsuit Issue.

Reptile lover Chaiwat Daenglrachang said, “My iguana Mhontong was relaxing under the warm sunlight just like other pet iguanas I have. However, I’ve never seen any of them lay on its side as this one did.”

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We’ve never seen such sassy behavior from a lizard either. Does he remind you of anyone?

(WATCH Mhontong in his glamorous video ‘shoot’ below.)

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