This Man Has Been Making Intricate Art Using Only Leaves–and The Results Are Stunning

A man turns nature into art with his intricate leaf cuttings featuring anything from ballerinas to flamingos to Harry Potter.

29-year-old Kanat Nurtazin uses a sharp razor to cut his drawings into leaves, and his unique art has even caught the attention of Disney.

He began making leaf cuttings in 2013 as a hobby, and now estimates he has created around 500 of the foliage cut-outs.

Kanat, from Kazakhstan, was looking for a creative outlet at the time, and says: “I started experimenting with different things: writing poems, creating music—I stopped on drawing.”

He had seen cutouts on paper before, but Kanat saw all the fall leaves on the ground, he decided to use them instead of paper.

His leaf art is a part of a project he calls his ‘100 methods of drawing’, which experiments with different techniques.

He currently has almost 70 methods, including some that use fluorescent tape or coffee packets.

Kanat poses each cutout in front of the sky, buildings, flowers, or anything else that fits in with the design on the leaf, and takes a photo of it.

When he began posting his work on Instagram, where they gained popularity, he was even contacted by Nickelodeon and Disney to help create content for them.


However, Kanat said that he still does the art mainly as a hobby, but he will sometimes auction some favorite works off, sending the proceeds to charities he sees are in need.

Overall though, his leaf art is a way for Kanat to express himself. He said, “Art for me is something to transfer yourself to another place, to be alone with your feelings and thoughts.

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“It’s just a place where I can be myself and share my ideas. Some of my works are touching social problems and I try to express myself with the help of art.”

Let’s take a look at some of Kanat’s works.

Kazakh-inspired patterns find their way onto…


Leaves that get silhouetted against sunrises and…


Bright skies for fun, inventive, beautiful works…


Full of movement…


And Imagination.


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