The Public Named Over 50 Snowplows in Scotland And They are Hilarious!

Far from the disaster that was ‘Boaty McBoatFace’, Scotland has held a public drive to name the 50-strong fleet of salt and plowing trucks responsible for keeping the roads safe for motorists, and the results have been simply too funny.


The contest was organized by Amey, a road infrastructure company responsible for maintaining public roads and bridges, performing inspections, and keeping the roads clear from debris and snow.

Running from December 23 to January 23, online submissions attracted a record number of participants, many of whom were inspired by the James Bond films in an obscure tribute to the late Sean Connery.

The submissions are pun art at their highest expression—containing every possible play on wintery words imaginable.


A simple GPS app allows you to scroll across the country and see each truck doing their jobs, marked with their own unique name.


Hopefully by next winter, Amey will have painted stylized images on the doors of each truck to reflect their names—the way World War II warplanes were decorated with comic book paintings in the ’40s.


But without further ado, here are our ten favorite names in no particular order:

  1. You’re a Blizzard Harry
  2. William Wall-Ice
  3. Brinestone Ploughboy
  4. Sweet Child of Brine
  5. Tam O’Salter
  6. Lord Coldemort
  7. Carrie Bradthaw
  8. Spreddie Van Halen
  9. Icesweeper Willie
  10. Sleetwood Mac

And here are the five, fun Bond-themed trucks.

  1. On Her Majesty’s Slippery Surface
  2. Coldfinger
  3. Dr. Snow
  4. You Only Grit Ice
  5. License to Chill

You’re welcome.

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