The Bond With Your Kids

“Having a bond with your kid is something money can’t buy.”

How many times have you heard that you’re not supposed to be your child’s friend? And you’re not working to get your kids to like you. You already know that, I’m pretty sure.

But what about feeling that your kids love you? That’s a different story.

We all want to be loved. Hopefully by a significant other, a partner, or a spouse. Certainly we want family members to love us, as well as our best girlfriends, our tribe, so to speak.

Yet the absolutely most important love connection that we crave is between us and our kids.

There are times when we feel that connection. When your child runs up and hugs you for no reason. That’s the best. When he smiles at you approvingly; when she says, “Thanks, mom;” when you get a ‘thumbs up.’

But when your kids are telling you to F*** off, to leave them alone, to stop ruining their life, to put them up for adoption, how loved do you feel then?

When they’re talking back, not listening, glaring at you, or rolling their eyes, are you feeling loved then?

When you feel unappreciated for all that you do for the kids and the household, and no one notices. How loved do you feel?

When you’re exhausted, do you get that loving feeling?

What I see, is that moms feel unloved…a lot.

And their children have the power to devastate their moms by seemingly turning off the love.

For me? The worst feeling in the world I ever had was feeling unloved by the person I carried and brought into this world. The child I loved most in the world. As far as I was concerned, I could lose the love of just about anyone else in my life. I could lose the love of my husband, my mother, my siblings, my best friends. I would survive. But I couldn’t bear to think of going through life without a loving connection with my child.

When that loving bond has been stretched to its limits, and dare I say even severed…there’s no greater pain than feeling unloved. By the most important people in your life. Your kids.
Feeling unloved is painful. Feeling unloved by your child can be devastating.

And more than anything, moms want to be loved.

Don’t you?

When have you felt unloved as a mom?

How does that affect you?

Please comment below. You are not alone.

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