The Adorable “Snoot Challenge” May Benefit Your Pup

If you’ve been on Instagram recently, you’ve probably seen adorable photos of dogs (and other animals) participating in the “snoot challenge.” The snoot challenge involves a dog poking their nose into a shape created by their human’s fingers. 12,000 dogs have participated in the challenge on Instagram. More than just cute, the snoot challenge may benefit dogs that are trained to do it.

Dogs who are trained to do the snoot challenge learn to have their face handled. This can make vet visits and grooming appointments less stressful on your dog. The behavior can also help your dog accept a muzzle more willingly. If your dog ever gets injured and starts trying to bite anybody who tries to help them, a muzzle may be needed to keep everybody safe. Dogs who have been trained to do the snoot challenge may be more accepting of a muzzle in this situation. Without being used to having their face handled, muzzles can make an already upset dog even more stressed out.

Want to teach your dog how to do the snoot challenge? One way is to hold a treat behind your open fingers and give it to your dog once they stick their nose between your fingers. Check out this adorable video to see an example at the end.

Videos of dogs who fail the snoot challenge are just as adorable as dogs who complete it successfully!

If your dog seems uncomfortable with the snoot challenge, then you shouldn’t force them. Also, use common sense and don’t squeeze their nose too hard. After all, you want the game to remain fun for all involved!

(H/T: Business Insider)

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