That Awesome Moment

You’re driving down the road, windows down, wind blowing through your hair. You reach up to turn on the radio, that you know is set to your favorite station, and suddenly it hits you, that awesome moment when you listen to old songs and they remind you of the good old days. All of those songs, the ones that you know by heart, suddenly flood the car with memories, wonderful memories of days gone by.

Every one of us has had that experience, no matter how old you are. There are songs that, when you hear them, immediately transport you to another place and time and it’s amazing, being there again, if only for a moment. For just a little while, you’re back at the high school dance, or the night when you kissed your first crush. You’re dancing at your wedding, long past, in the arms of the one you love. Each song is a virtual time machine that takes you back, just for a little while, to a time not so very long ago, when you were younger and the world was a different place.

Music is like that. It can take you anywhere, remind you of anyone and it enriches our lives and makes everything so much better!

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