Signs a Deceased Loved One Is Trying to Contact You

Have you ever felt like a deceased loved one is trying to contact you? Maybe weird things have been happening all around you lately, but you don’t know what to make of it. In this article, I’ll break down the 15 signs your loved one is reaching out to you from the other side.

1. Dreams

Have you been having dreams of your deceased loved one lately? Dreams are often the first way a deceased friend or family member will try to reach out to you. Sometimes we are more attentive when we are asleep and our minds and bodies aren’t moving in every different direction. Pay attention to your dreams in which a loved one shows up, or when you just feel their presence in the dream. They are trying to make contact.

2. Familiar Aromas

Another common sign is getting a whiff of a familiar scent. Did your grandmother wear Coco Chanel? Maybe your grandfather smoked a cigar. Whatever aroma you associate with a deceased loved one could reappear as a means of your deceased loved one trying to contact you. This could also just be a sign of their presence being near.

3. Hearing Your Name

Feel like you’re going crazy and hearing your name in random places? Your name is called out and drifts towards you on the wind but no one seems to be around. This is a sign your loved one is calling to you from the beyond.

4. Feathers

A feather falls in your path. Sometimes you’ll begin to notice multiple feathers falling in your path seemingly out of nowhere. Feathers are signs from the heavens – and more than likely the feathers you are finding are your deceased loved ones way to tell you they are safe and they have a message for you. Depending on the color of feather and what bird it came from, you can determine a message.

5. Nature Signs

In addition to feathers, deceased loved ones will send signs to you through nature. Typically this is through an animal or plant you associate with this loved one. For instance, if your grandmother loved robins you might start seeing robins everywhere. Not just in nature but also on the TV, in books, on clothing, online, etc.

6. Songs

Whenever I hear a particular song come on the radio, I know it’s my aunt reaching out to me to say hi. Any song you related with your deceased loved one can be used by that loved one to contact you. You’ll particularly know if the song is an oldie that isn’t often played on the radio anymore.

7. Random Memories

Sometimes random memories seem to surface from somewhere deep in your subconscious. Things you haven’t remembered in years will pop up. These random memories are indicators of your loved one trying to reach you from the afterlife. Pay close attention to them.

8. Hearing Their Name

You might be hearing your name called by a deceased loved one, or maybe you keep hearing their name in passing. Maybe someone at the grocery store had your beloved aunt’s name. Or maybe a conversation turned up the name of your recently departed friend. These are signs you’re loved one is trying to get your attention.

9. Flickering Lights & Flames

Spirits have the ability to use electricity to their benefit – they can make the lights and appliances flicker as well as turn on and off. Spirits of departed loved ones are typically more gentle in their approach and use flickering to contact us. You might also see a candleflame flicker rapidly without any explanation (drafts, AC, etc).

10. Feeling Their Presence

It should go without saying that if you’re sitting or standing around and feel your deceased loved one’s presence, they are there with you in spirit.

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