Signs a Deceased Loved One Is Trying to Contact You

Have you ever felt like a deceased loved one is trying to contact you? Maybe weird things have been happening all around you lately, but you don’t know what to make of it. In this article, I’ll break down the 15 signs your loved one is reaching out to you from the other side. 1. … Read more

Comebacks For Dealing With Rude People

1. “Thank you” Normally, saying “thank you” indicates you appreciate someone’s thoughtfulness or kindness. As a reply to a rude remark, however, “thank you” shows your maturity while also clearly implying that you are choosing not to let the other person’s impoliteness affect you. This has the power to shut someone down pretty quickly and … Read more

Surprising Reasons Introverts Attract Toxic People

Does it surprise you that you’re surrounded by toxic people all the time? They hurt you more than once; you forgive them and hope things will be back to normal only for them to hurt you all over again. And you have no idea how you got into this mess. Well, it’s because your strongest … Read more

Toxic Realtionship

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” ~Marilyn Monroe Why does it have to hurt so badly? You’re so in love, but your relationship has become toxic. It simply can’t continue. Night after sleepless night, you lie awake replaying the fights in your head. You can’t understand why your partner won’t … Read more

Signs It’s Time To Make A Change In Your Life

1. You’ve become a bystander to your own life. You’re letting life pass you by. All the people you’ve yet to meet. All the memories you’ve yet to make. All the dreams you’ve yet to chase. You may be existing, but to say you’re actually living would be a bit of a stretch. The sidelines … Read more

Everyone Makes Mistakes In Life

Everyone makes mistake in life, but that doesn’t mean they have to pay for them the rest of their life. Sometime good people make bad choices. It doesn’t mean they’re bad. It means they’re human. I worked as a nurse in a prison for 5 years and I have to say it is devastating how … Read more

Traits of Emotionally Strong People

Emotional strength has been historically misperceived to be, essentially, a lack of feeling. Up until very recently, emotions were seen as the antithesis to reason. So when we think of emotional strength, we actually imagine a form of numbness, one that just happens to present itself like superiority and unwavering toughness. In reality, emotional strength … Read more

Mom, I Cannot Think Of Anyone Stronger Than You

Motherhood is one of the most rewarding yet most frustrating jobs too! (I know I’m mother to 2 girls). And it may surprise your child to know there were things you never told them as they grew up with you. So here are 21 Things Your Mom Never Told You: #1. It hurt when she gave … Read more

Aussie Slang Terms That Need To Make A Comeback

1. Thinkstock / BuzzFeed Meaning: Things will be alright. Usage: “My mate Daveo said he wanted to have a barbie tomorrow, think it’ll rain tho?” “Nah, she’ll be apples.” 2. Thinkstock / BuzzFeed Meaning: Brushing flies away. Usage: “Oi, is that dickhead waving at us?” “Nah, he’s giving you the Aussie salute.” 3. Thinkstock / … Read more

What Your Life Is Like Before And After Coffee

If you’re as big of a coffee addict as we are, you’ll understand how painful your life can be before you’ve gotten that first sweet, sweet sip of joe. Things that you would usually do without considering it, such as answering someone’s question or, y’know, thinking in general, seem like cruel and unusual punishments before … Read more