Therapy Dog Hoards Christmas Toys For Himself

An adorable therapy dog named Ben Franklin knows what Christmas is all about. At least, he thinks it’s all about the toys.  The Franklin Police Department was collecting toy donations to be shipped off to the Santa Foundation. However, they never expected that one of their employees would be eager to keep those toys for … Read more

Bossy Dog Teaches Toddler How To Sit

Nearly every dog knows how to sit on command. It’s a simple trick that many dog parents love to teach their furry friends. However, Khloe the Labradoodle is fed up with being told what to do. Not only have her parents taught her to sit, but now her human sister, Joslyn, is trying to boss … Read more

Watch These Dogs Get Into Their Humans’ Workouts!

Dogs are wonderful in a multitude of ways. They provide us protection and support and love that is comparable to that of any human family member. When we are apart, we long to be with them. When we are together, our hearts are full. That being said, there are a few times when we would … Read more

Dog Wins Connect 4 Game Against His Mom

Dogs are the best companions. Whether you just want to sit around and snuggle or run around and play, dogs always want to be there with you. However, for a smart Cockapoo named Percy, play time is more than just squeaky toys. Percy’s favorite game is Connect 4, and he gets better at it every … Read more

Lazy Pup Loves To Make Patient Dad Work Harder

Everyone loves a good lazy day. Sometimes, we would much rather just rest all day instead of worrying about our responsibilities. Luckily, for a Golden Retriever named Lazy, every day is a day of relaxing. Her name suits her perfectly because she would much rather sleep than do anything else. Even when her dad does … Read more

Watch Dog’s Excitement When He Realizes He’s Getting Adopted!

Shelters can be scary and confusing places for dogs. After all, waiting for a forever family is hard! However, the sad reality is that many amazing dogs are euthanized simply because there’s not enough space for them. That’s why Saving Carson Shelter Dogs is doing everything they can to promote dogs at risk. One of … Read more

Dog Show Judge Asks Sweet Autistic Girl To Present Her “Dog”

Dog shows sometimes have a bad reputation due to their seriousness about breed standards. People often assume that dog shows are always formal and strict with their rules and requirements, but that isn’t always the case. A judge at the Purina Farms dog show in Gray Summit, Missouri, decided to keep the show as happy … Read more

Silly Dog Wants To Be Just Like His Corgi Brother

Corgis are often loved for their adorable stubby legs, and most humans just can’t get enough of them! Oftentimes, dog lovers playfully tease Corgis about their silly structure, but as it turns out, other dogs are entertained by their legs too! At least, Dustin the Jack Russell/Pug mix is. Dustin has a Corgi brother named … Read more

Lucky Birthday Pup Is Surprised With 400 Tennis Balls

Every dog deserves an extra special birthday that they’ll never forget. That’s why Alistair Clyde had to think outside of the box for her Belgian Malinois’ big day. Titus is a young dog that still has plenty of energy in him. Therefore, his favorite thing in the world is playing fetch! Clyde quickly realized that … Read more