Let’s face it, sometimes people can get very annoying very fast and sometimes, you’re just not in the mood to cope with people at all. Nothing is wrong with that, but for some reason, people, a lot of people actually, find it very hard to provide you with the space you need.

You find yourself being bombarded with questions, attitude, and attention that you did not ask for nor need. You end up getting annoyed and irritated and upset even more than you were previously. So how do you avoid these people? I am completely against violence and therefore, I fight the urge of rearranging their face but it’s not always easy. Actually it never is, so here’s just a few tricks on how to deal with annoying people and their nuisance.

1. Do not get angry and/or lose your temper

You must realize that by taking on the high road, you are strengthening your patience and your tolerance.

2. Slow down and focus on your breathing

Force yourself to walk away from the person that is annoying you and just slow down and focus on your breathing. Visualizing memories that make you happy can¬†get you back to “the right state of mind.”

3. Separate your anger from the annoyance that person is causing you

Yes, that person can be extremely annoying and they can get a bit extra annoying when you’re angry and won’t leave you alone. However, lashing out at them, or failing to separate your anger from your actions toward that person, will only leave you feeling worse.

4. Distract yourself

If you’re in a situation you can’t leave, because we all know how there are a few people that will just never leave you in peace, distract yourself with anything surrounding you. Focus on other things, may it be people in the room or simple decoration or furniture, focus on anything¬†else.

5. Exercise

If you’re able to leave that situation, consider yourself lucky. However, distract yourself with exercise afterwards to let out the negativity you’re feeling.

6. Let go of all your triggers

Whether it is big or small, we all have things that tick us off. Work on identifying those triggers and figure out how it’s best for you, and only you, to work around these triggers.

7. Realize that annoying people are always there and it’s impossible to avoid them

There’s a way to deal with every person, figure out how to deal with every annoying individual you know.

8. Annoy them

Sometimes annoying people will not stop annoying them until you give them a taste of their own medicine. Go on, have fun and beat them in their own game.

9. Be firm but polite

When annoying people don’t take no for answer or fail to understand hints, be clear, vocal and firm. Simply state that you’re not in a particularly cheery mood at the moment and want to be left alone. Stay firm but polite so as not to put yourself at fault.

10. Understand that being quiet doesn’t mean you’re weak

I personally find it easier to let me people talk on and on and on or poke fun at me thinking it’s funny, which is not and I find it incredibly annoying. So instead of snapping back a hurtful remark, I just let them think they’re funny. After all, their childish ways are all they have.

11. Widen your perspective

When people get annoyed and through a tantrum, it’s because they have made that one annoying incident or that one annoying person their entire universe. When you get annoyed, understand that we’re all small entities made out of atoms in large universe between billions of other galaxies. How annoying is that incident now?