Nobody has your back like your Mama

There’s no one in this world who loves you the way your Mama does! She’s there for you, no matter what, to comfort you when you’re sad, to laugh with you when you’re happy.

She’s your friend, your role model, and she’s always there to offer you assurance when you need a little courage. She’s also your greatest defender and champion!

Nobody has your back like your Mama. Love her while she’s still alive!

One sad fact of life is that she won’t be around forever, so while it’s easy to get caught up in your own world, it’s important to remember that one day you’ll look to her for advice and she won’t be there to offer it.

You’ll go to call her on the phone and realize that she’s not there to answer on the other end.

When that day comes you’ll realize that all of those little moments, that you could have spent with her and didn’t, are gone.

They were fleeting moments in time that can never be recovered.

Don’t let those precious opportunities pass you by. Take the time to call her, spend some time visiting over coffee or tea, looking through old photos, or going out to eat together.

You’ll never regret taking some time out of your busy schedule to spend with her and love her while she’s still alive!

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