More Than 1 in 10 Americans Have Now Been Vaccinated for COVID-19

It’s felt like a long winter for many, but there’s good news coming out of the U.S—as COVID-19 cases continue to fall and more and more people get their jabs.

As of February 14, more than 70 million vaccine doses have been delivered to Americans.

According to the CDC,  more than 1 in every 10 Americans have received a vaccine dose. And 14 million people in the country have received two doses—meaning about 4% of the nation has now been fully inoculated. Currently, around 1.67 million doses per day are being administered.

In further hopeful news, according to the Covid Tracking Project run by The Atlantic, COVID cases are down 57% since the country’s all-time peak at the beginning of January. While hospitalizations are still high, they’re falling—and that winter surge of cases is reported as “rapidly easing.”

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Of course, there’s still a long way to go until life goes back to what will likely be a ‘new normal’.

Still, the winter surge is over. The vaccine rollout is working. And it’s likely that—if the current pace of vaccinations is sustained—by July, around half of Americans will have received their first vaccine dose.

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