Lazy Pup Loves To Make Patient Dad Work Harder

Everyone loves a good lazy day. Sometimes, we would much rather just rest all day instead of worrying about our responsibilities. Luckily, for a Golden Retriever named Lazy, every day is a day of relaxing. Her name suits her perfectly because she would much rather sleep than do anything else. Even when her dad does chores, she forces him to sweep around her because she just doesn’t want to get up!

Lazy’s dad, Lucho Bugallo actually embraces his dog’s laziness. She’s a 10-year-old dog whose passion in life has always been to do absolutely nothing. For some, it might sound boring, but for others, she’s their spirit animal!

“At home we say ‘carpet,’ because she is lying on the floor all day,” said Bugallo. “If you are going to move some place, Lazy first lies down in that place. If you’re going to sweep the floor of the house, Lazy just lies down where you have to clean.”

Image: Screenshot, Lucho Bugallo Facebook

However, Lazy’s behavior doesn’t bother Bugallo at all. When he does his chores, he just sweeps around her. He’d much rather accommodate her than bother her peaceful nap. He even posted a video of himself sweeping around his sleepy pup, and it soon went viral!

Lazy’s Viral Video

On social media, Bugallo posted a funny video of his daily life. The video shows Lazy napping outside while Bugallo sweeps some leaves. When he gets near her, he simply sweeps around her instead of making her move. He even gently lifts her legs to sweep underneath her, but he’s careful not to disturb her.

“When it’s nap time, it’s nap time,” Bugallo posted with the video.

The caption couldn’t be truer! Lazy will nap wherever she wants, whether she’s in the way or not. It’s also something that many people can probably relate to as well!

Image: Screenshot, Lucho Bugallo Facebook

Everyone fell in love with this simple video not only because of Lazy’s amazing life but because of how well Bugallo treats her. Many dog parents would get annoyed if their pup was always in the way, but Bugallo isn’t bothered by it at all.

“She can spend all day lying down if she wants,” Bugallo said. “In fact, that’s why we have pets, to make sure they’re happy.”

Lazy sure is one lucky pup! It would be nice if she would help out with chores once in a while, but as long as she’s happy, that’s what matters most! Her dad just does what he has to do without disturbing her, which makes this such a heartwarming relationship. Bugallo’s kindness really is dog-dad goals! 

View the Hilarious Video Here:

En el interior, cuando es la hora de la siesta, es la hora de la siesta. ¡No se jode! 👉

Posted by Lucho Bugallo on Monday, February 17, 2020

Featured Image: Screenshots, Lucho Bugallo Facebook

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