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Are you feeling attracted to someone who seem to be completely out of their mind?
Are able to relate to someone at a level the cannot be explained?
Have you met someone who draws you towards them with a force you’ve never felt before?
Well, consider yourself lucky, ’cause you might just have found yourself “the one”. Here are a few reasons why dating someone who is as weird as you might be such a good idea!

Dating a weirdo

Love can be a very puzzling concept, particularly if you happen to find yourself new to the entire dating scene. For some people, finding love can be relatively easy and straightforward, yet for the rest of us, finding love can be an incredibly difficult task to overcome.

One of the reasons why dating, and indeed, finding love in general, for that matter, is considered to be such a fickle and difficult subject, is the fact that every single person out there is different and unique. The fact that we’re so unique is perhaps the main thing that sets us apart from other species living on our planet.

Whilst some people are considered “adventurous” others are perhaps considered to be “boring”, yet as the saying goes, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ so if you consider yourself to be boring, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anybody out there for you. ‘Weird’ is another word that is thrown around a lot, yet perhaps ‘unique’ or ‘quirky’ would be a more apt word.

Whether you consider yourself to be unique, quirky, or just downright weird, don’t let that put you off in your quest for love, and don’t become disheartened if you don’t find your dream partner right away.

Dating somebody as weird as yourself can provide numerous advantages, and if you’re looking for examples, take a look at the following as we take a look at several reasons why you should consider dating somebody just as weird as yourself.

Fall in love with the person who enjoys your madness, not an idiot who forces you to be normal.

You know they’re genuine

Let’s face it, when we first meet new partners, or new potential partners, we tend to hide our flaws and potential flaws and perhaps hold back on showing off the real ‘us’ as it were. If we have OCD tendencies or are overly superstitious for example, generally, unless we feel extremely comfortable with the person that we’re with, we won’t mention what we perceive to be our “flaws” until we’re comfortable with the person that we’re with.

If however, you’re dating somebody unique and eccentric, you know that their general “weirdness” is a sign of genuineness. Whether it is quirky behaviour, interests in subjects that are perhaps considered boring in other circles, or just downright odd behaviour, you should take this behaviour as a positive, due to the fact that at least you know the person you are with is being genuine.

On the flip side, they too can take solace from your weirdness, as that too, is proof that you are a genuine person with flaws and that you aren’t trying to deceive them and be something that you aren’t.

Nobody else will ever be good enough

The single biggest reason you’ll want someone as weird as you is because the force with with they will enter your life will make them irreplaceable. You will never want to let them go because you know deep inside, no one else will love you, teach you, appreciate you and inspire you as much as this person will.

They’ll let you be you

Another huge benefit of dating somebody equally as weird as yourself, is the fact that you get to be yourself around them, and they get to be themselves around you. A lot of people with, shall we say, slightly weirder tendencies, will have to hold back on their general weirdness, put on a mask, so to speak, for fear of frightening their potential partner off, or for fear of creeping them out and putting them off altogether.

If however, you are dating a weirdo, you get to relax, pull off that mask that you’ve been holding on to all this while, safe in the knowledge that you can settle down, be yourself, do the things you want to do, and say the things that you want to say.

You’ll be able to be weird, together

Whether you and your partner are considered ‘odd’ in the same ways, or odd in very different ways, one thing that is for sure, is the fact that, together, the pair of you will have one heck of a good time together. If you share weird interests, obviously you can explore these interests together and take part in certain pastimes and activities, that, to the untrained eye, may seem weird, but to you two, they will seem perfectly normal, and a whole lot of fun in the process.

Even if you share different weird interests, together, you can bring out the best of each other and get each other involved in various pastimes and activities, that, ordinarily, you would never have imagined. For example, if your partner is into weird films, books, comics, activities, or anything else, they may introduce them to you.

Now, without your partner, you may never have considered exploring them, but with a nudge in the right direction, you may find that you enjoy them a great deal – far more than you could ever have previously imagined.

It will breathe new life into your relationship

Being with a quirky and eccentric individual is a breathtaking and eye opening experience that will come as a breath of fresh air to those of you looking to explore your weird side. You get to see people acting in an unconventional way, and doing and saying things that you wouldn’t expect members of the general public to do or say.

Acting weird in public, and forcing yourself out of your comfort zone and doing and saying things that are considered unusual, will come as a breath of fresh air to you, and whilst you and your partner become at ease with your weirdness, it will breathe new life into your relationship as you will see sides of each other that you are unaccustomed to.

You will experience true freedom

Another very unique benefit associated with dating somebody equally, or even more, weird than yourself, is the fact that they will help bring out the absolute best in you, even challenge you to go even beyound. Their weirdness and eccentric behaviour will set you at ease and will help you accept who you are, and to embrace your eccentric and odd behaviour and quirks, rather than trying to disguise them and hide them away.

Nobody should ever be ashamed of who they are, and nobody should ever have to hide their true self for fear of being mocked or ridiculed. Being with somebody weird and unique however, will help you to embrace your own weird behaviour, which in turn will help you accept who you are and to embrace your true self in the process.

If for example, you do have hobbies or pastimes that some people would deem as being strange, to them, they will be amazing and they will encourage you to explore them further and expand upon them, which in itself, is a wonderful thing. You will be encouraged to be true to yourself, which is obviously going to bring out the very best in you.

They will encourage you to explore your emotions

Some people are very guarded when it comes to their emotions and their feelings, and they believe that showing their emotions and feelings is a sign of weakness and vulnerability.

For weird individuals and individuals displaying quirky and unique behaviour however, they will encourage you to talk about your feelings and say what is on your mind. Some people will bottle up their worries and problems until it all gets too much and they explode, metaphorically speaking, as it all becomes too much and everything boils over.

With an odd and eccentric partner however, they will challenge you to speak your mind, to say what’s bothering you, and to really talk about your feelings in general. They will say whatever is on their mind, and will encourage you to do the same.

You’ll know where you stand

As mentioned, weird and eccentric people are generally more in touch with their emotions and are incredibly good at expressing themselves and saying whatever it is that happens to be on their mind. Some people will try to hide their feelings, and, although displaying odd behaviour, and giving the impression that they are annoyed, or that something is bothering them, they will say that they are fine and will suffer in silence.

With a partner that is just as weird as yourself however, if something is upsetting them, or worrying them, they will just come right out with it and will let you know right away. This is ideal as you will know exactly where you stand, and although they may seem slightly abrupt, their openness and honesty will really strengthen your relationship and will help bring you closer together than ever.

Your love life will get spicier

When it comes to ‘weirdness’ when we think about sex and our love lives in general, many of us will hide our true feelings and will engage in sex that is, by our standards ‘plain and boring’. You will both push yourselves to your limits and will challenge yourselves mentally and physically, which will make for one heck of an enjoyable time in the bedroom.

Some people for example, although wanting to try new things, will simply keep quiet because they’re too embarrassed or in case they frighten their partner off.

Being with an eccentric and unique individual however, means that they are far more likely to suggest new things to try in the bed room, and say exactly what they do, and do not, want to do. Again, it is this openness and honesty that strengthens relationships, plus, your love life in general will be absolutely fantastic and you will have an absolutely amazing time in the bedroom as a result.

You can truly appreciate their weirdness

When couples in love describe the things that they love the most about one another, they don’t describe physical characteristics and traits at all, they instead describe quirky behaviour and tendencies that are, by societies standards, considered to be weird and bizarre.

When we’re with somebody we love, we see the small things, which we appreciate as being huge things, and it only helps to bring us even closer together as a couple.

If your partner has certain tendencies when they eat, or when they socialise in public for example, we see these things and appreciate them a great deal, as it is a sign that they are comfortable around us, and are not afraid to show who they truly are.

You will laugh more than you have in years

The great thing about dating somebody just as weird as yourself, if not weirder in fact, is the fact that the pair of you will laugh more than you have in years, and as you know, laughter is one of the best medicines in the world.

Rather than questioning why you’re acting unusually, an equally weird partner is far more likely to join in with your weird behaviour, and laugh along with you instead. Instead of shaking their head and calling you immature, they are far more likely to be pulling equally as funny a face as you, or making equally as hilarious funny noises as you, which is almost certainly bound to leave the pair of you rolling around on the floor in fits of laughter and hysterics.

They will love you for exactly what you are

Finally, the last reason why you should seriously consider dating somebody just as weird as yourself, if not weirder, in fact, is that they will recognise your flaws and imperfections, and rather than criticizing them and looking at them in a negative light, they will instead love them anyways because they are considered to be a part of you.

We’re all human beings, none of us are perfect, we are all flawed in our own way, yet rather than making them a negative, an equally as weird a partner will make your flaws and imperfections a positive and will love them anyways, which, in a society governed by vanity and social media in which people desperately attempt to paint themselves and their lives as being perfect, is an incredibly beautiful and heart warming thing.

So when you’ve found someone as weird as yourself (and trust us, you’ll know immediately when you’ve found one), grab them with all your might and never ever let them go! And when that weird one lets you into their life, they will let you in for good. They will hold you so tight, all your broken pieces will stick together!

Cherish and treasure this relationship, for only the chosen few are lucky enough to experience it! Even if it doesn’t work out in the end, it’ll still be all worth it. And that’s a promise.

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