Laugh Like You Are 10

Exhausting yourself by resisting the clear and obvious fact that you have grown older will not do you any good.

Start with acceptance… then follow the tips below.

1. Program your mind to let go.

The biggest barrier stopping you from fully enjoying your life is regretting what you have failed to achieve.

You will improve your life and feel happier if you manage to program your mind to quit thinking about what could’ve been and start shifting your focus towards the current moment or towards what you can do in the future.

The least that will happen is that you will rid yourself of regret which is one of the biggest sources of negativity in anyone’s life.

2. Take care of your physical health.

Rarely anything can make you feel younger than a good workout.

Regardless of your age, you will elevate your self confidence and feel more positive about yourself when you see your body going back in shape.

Plus, when you exercise, you release endorphins which make you happier.

The idea of dieting and sticking to an exercising routine might trigger an unwanted sense of helplessness.

Play it smart – delegate your own self discipline to someone else:

Promise your accountability partner that you will do something you detest doing – like cleaning their bathroom or giving them a sizeable ammount of money – if you don’t follow through with your goals.

3. Change something.

When people get older, they tend to set in their ways. Change something – even drastically – and you will instantly feel younger.

Don’t be afraid to be silly. Don’t be afraid to break people’s perceptions of yourself.

4. Avoid being around the negative people.

One of Robert Greene’s 48 laws of power state that you should “stay away from the unhappy and the unlucky”.

Some people enjoy living the role of a victim. They have a victim mentality, they are full of negativity and they never try to solve their problems because – why solve my problems when they`re my only way to have people pay attention to me.

Take a look at those you spend your time around. It may sound brutal, but you’re the one who will go to bed feeling depleated if you don’t start spending less time with people who are bringing you down in any way.

5. Spend your time with the young.

Who you spend your time with is who you are. Or something close to it. Young is seductive and energetic and it rubs off on you.

  • The process of teaching what you know and passing the valuable knowledge to someone young is one of the most satisfying experiences in the world.
  • Being a mentor is a good idea.
  • So is spending time with your children or grandchildren.
  • Or volunteering by helping an NGO filled with young people who could all benefit from your experience.

Young people have a tendency of surprsing us pleasantly – you might learn more from them than they will form you.

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