If I Did Something Wrong, Communicate

Communicating effectively in a relationship is one of the most powerful ways that couples can strengthen their bond.

Marriage researcher, Dr. John Gottman can often determine whether or not a relationship will eventually fall apart.
A part of his analysis includes listening closely to a couple’s communication.

Here are the four most dangerous types of communication that Gottman warns will destroy your relationship:

1. Criticism
There is a huge difference between giving your partner loving feedback and attacking their character.

2. Contempt
If you are name calling, insulting, mocking or ridiculing your partner, you are verbally abusing them and showing contempt.
Stop it now. Being mean and rude to your partner is disrespectful and extremely harmful.

3. Defensiveness
When there is a problem, don’t constantly place the blame on your partner. Don’t always play the victim.
If you never take responsibility for your actions, and constantly make your partner the “bad guy”, you are destructively defensive.

4. Stonewalling
Saying nothing can be just as harmful as saying something. “Stonewalling” is when the listener completely shuts off from the conversation.

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