I Do Not Have Time For Guessing

Ways to identify fake friends:

1.They become (over-)friendly only when you have food, money and acquaintances with popular people.

2.They become suddenly unavailable when you need some help.

3.They become extra friendly when they need some help.

4.They completely forget you when they see their other friends.

5.They want to talk or have fun with you only when they’re alone.

6.They’ll be with you when you’re are happy and popular and successful. But once hard times hit you, they’ll be the first to disappear.

7.Food, money, personal matters, they never share these with you (when they have other friends with them).

8.They never care about your situation.

9.They’re so sweet in front of you and bitch about you at your back.

10.They don’t mind separating you from your real friends when they are alone or when they need your company.

12.They don’t mind spoiling your name to get past you.

13. It would aggravate them if you’re better than them.

14.They never want to keep their promises.

15.They would never stand up for you at any situation.

16.You’ll always be left out in a gang conversation.

17.They wouldn’t let you make new friends.

18.They will not invite you to any fun outing or picnic with the squad.

19. You constantly feel like you aren’t good enough for them.

20.You give more importance to them than yourself and you still feel like that isn’t enough.

21.You never feel important (even on your special days).

22.They will be the centre of attention even if it’s your special days. Because they make the conversations revolve only around them.

23.They make you feel like having you as their friend itself is a great deed they did to you.

24.They aren’t there when you need their moral support.

25.When you doubt them and ask them if they really see you as a friend, they start the biggest talk ever which will involve every single thing they did to you, involving how they took your dog for a walk that day, how they gave their favorite pen to you and how they introduced you to some of their friends.

26.You could not become their most important friend no matter how much you tried.

27.They will have a truck full of excuses when they have to do something for you. But they will force you to cancel all your important plans when they need you to Netflix and chill with them.

28.(In case of girls), they want you to accompany them to their house which is 10 blocks after yours at 11pm, because their safety is more important than yours.

29.Whenever you want to hangout with them, it should always be in a place where they are comfortable. It doesn’t matter if you’re having cold, but you have to sit in the air-conditioning room with them.

We all have come across these people once or twice or many times in our life.


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