I Am Thankful

There are lots of reasons why it’s important to be thankful and show gratitude for the people and things we have in our lives, but did you know that being thankful is also good for your health? Here’s a list of why it’s great to be grateful not only at Thanksgiving but all year long!

Showing thanks to others makes them feel good

two little children hugging and smiling


You make other people feel good when you show them you appreciate the things they do for you. This can turn good friends into best friends. A simple “thank you” goes a long way and helps you to have better friendships, and you will get along even better with your family. When you make others feel good, it makes you feel good and then everyone feels good!

Being thankful gives you confidence

little girl wearing a tutu and walking into a sunset


When you’re grateful for the things in your life, even if it’s something as simple as a beautiful sunset, it gives you more self-esteem. This means that you will be more confident and less worried about comparing yourself to others. Being grateful is contagious and others will want to be grateful just like you!

Thankfulness makes you a more positive person

little boy playing in a pile of autumn leaves


People who are thankful are more positive instead of negative. When they see a glass with water in it, they say the glass is half full. Negative people will see that same glass of water and say it’s half empty. We want to be thankful for the water that is there, not worry about the water that isn’t.

Writing a gratitude journal can help you sleep better

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Photo credit: emrank via VisualHunt / CC BY

If you keep a journal beside your bed and at the end of every day you write a list of all of the things you’re thankful for that day, you will sleep much better. This helps you to remember all of the good things from your day, like the delicious pizza you had for dinner, or that friend who helped you with your school work. You’ll fall fast asleep with a big smile!

It just makes you happy

little girl hugging a stuffed bunny in a field of flowers


Being thankful helps you to think more about other people’s feelings — this is called empathy (being able to see things from another person’s view). Being thankful also helps you get through life’s tough times, because you can easily call to mind all of the good things in your life. Being grateful just makes you happy and being happy can help keep your mind and body healthy!

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