How to Attract the Right People in Your Life

Your relationships will reflect the relationship you have with yourself.

You get what you put out there.

You attract what you are.

So in order to attract the right people, you need to be the right person for yourself.

Here are the best ways to achieve this:


Things do not happen by accident or luck. You can choose to put yourself in the path of these people you want in your life. Create spaces for your life wherein you’re wandering around, exploring life. Expose yourself to new people and new opportunities. Do something you’ve never done before, like go to a class you’ve always wanted to take or go to a place you’ve always wanted to go to.

Reach Out

The Internet has made it wonderfully possible to break boundaries that are created by time and space. You can connect with anyone online. You can connect with like-minded people through the power of social media. You can Google online communities or forums that focus on your passion, your interests, and whatever it is you want to pursue in your life. Reach out.

Be Clear About Who You Are

Do you really know who you are? A lot of people know who they are according to who they’re expected to be or who they’re told to be. Oftentimes, your desires to fit into the mold that society has created for you get in the way of becoming who you truly are. The more authentic you are about yourself, the more you’ll attract the people who are right for the real you.

Learn To Say No

You may think, “That doesn’t make sense, how can the right people come into my life if I say ‘No’?” The most common way to prevent the right people from coming into your life is to try to please everyone. If you’re keeping everyone happy, then you’re not being special to anyone. When you love yourself, you protect yourself and you uphold boundaries for managing your time and energy. Do not attract abusers and toxic people by learning to say “no” when you have to.

Have A Positive Perspective About Life

If you really love yourself, you will accept who you are. You’ll be at peace with who you are and it’ll be much easier to attract the right people naturally. Doing this allows you to be positive about life. It changes everything when you set a positive mindset about life. You’ll see it from a different lens. It will make everything much more wonderful. When you’re happy, you will notice everything you like in other people and you will let go of what you dislike about them.

There’s a story of a traveler. He travels from one city to another. He asks an old man guarding the gate of a new city he was going to visit. He asks the old man, “How are the people in this city? Are they good or evil?” The old man asks, “How were the people in the last place you’ve been to?” “Evil! They were all thieves and liars!” The old man answered, “Then, you’ll see the same in this city. Because your perspective will determine what you see in people.”

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