Give Yourself Some ‘ME’ Time!

1. Your body will thank you

Stress causes a numerous amount of issues for your body. High blood pressure, headaches, muscle tension, ulcers, and weakened immune system are just a few of the many health issues stress can trigger. Relaxation helps counteract these effects by giving your body a chance to calm down!

2. You will think more quickly and clearer

Continuous stress will do some pretty unpleasant things to our mind. Science has linked many diseases to frayed nerves. Paranoia, depression, several syndromes and even just a general feeling of not thinking straight can come from too much stress in your life. It all comes down to how you think and can cause you to make bad decisions. By adding some you time and allowing yourself to relax you can put your troubles on hold and let your mind recover. If your mind is calm, you can evaluate your daily task, projects and problems more quickly than if you’re burdened with unnecessary and often unrelated worries. 

3.Your emotions will be more leveled out

We all plead guilty to having at least one crazy outburst of emotions-whether you care to admit it or not! When stress has you completely overwhelmed and tired, you tend to operate with less conscious control over your emotional response. This can lead to you lashing out at the people you care about, or even upsetting strangers (that’s probably why the barista gave you the wrong coffee order). Relaxing will allow for better control over your emotions. When you are calm and relaxed, it allows you to examine your emotions without acting on them and helps you ensure your emotional response is fitting for the situation. 

4. You will be more efficient at work

Depending on your workplace, it can be very difficult to stay relaxed during your workday. Between deadlines, frivolous meetings, annoying co-workers and difficult customers, it feels almost impossible to keep a cool head. This in turn can lead to you becoming one of those annoying co-workers, making work an even worse place to be. Although it is easier said than done, it is best to stay relaxed. You will have a better sense of reasoning and problem solving (recharged mind). You can also bank on enjoying more energy and better concentration when you have the feel good mentality. Your relaxed demeanor can even encourage your fellow co-workers to follow suit and create a more pleasant work environment.

5. You’ll help boost those around you

Stress has a tendency to spread. The domino effect of stress starts with one person showing signs of stress, leading to an entire group of people’s minds to thinking about all the things causing them concern. Emotions and attitudes, good or bad, are contagious and have energy to them. The best way to combat stress in a group is to try your best to relax. It’s amazing how far a smile and a few encouraging words can relax someone that is feeling stressed!

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