Does the working day tire your legs? Try these 5 simple exercises to strengthen your muscles

Most people constantly complain about pain and fatigue in their
legs after the workday. This is the result of a sedentary
lifestyle and a low level of physical fitness.

In fact, regular exercises helps to relieve pain and its
accompanying symptoms. It also helps reduce fat in the legs so
that they become thinner and tighter.

You will find below some of the best exercises to get rid of
knee, hip and foot pain.

1. Raised heel

Stand behind a chair, hold it firmly and lift one leg by simply
bending the knee. Then sit on the top of the other foot and
lower the heel back down. Do 10 to 15 repetitions with each
leg. This will strengthen the muscles of the ankle and knee.

2. Walking on tiptoe

All you need to do is walk on your toes for about 15 minutes a
day to strengthen your toes and calves. You can also do this by
dancing (like ballet dancers), thus awakening the dancer that
lies dormant within you.

3. Toe games

Stand straight and flex your toes (as if using your hands) to
grab a towel, pen or other object on the floor. Repeat with
both feet. This exercise will help you strengthen your toes.

4. Resistance band

Attach a resistance band to the foot of the couch or chair,
place one leg under it and bend the knee slightly. Grasp the
band with your toes and pull it toward you. Then return to the
starting position and repeat 15 repetitions with each leg to
strengthen the plantar muscles and outer muscles of the thigh.

5. Foot rotation

Lift one foot up and make circular movements outward and inward
for 10 minutes, and repeat the operation with the other leg.

Avoid standing or sitting in the same position for long periods
of time, and change positions frequently. Sleep on your side,
with a pillow between your knees and a contoured cervical
pillow to maintain spinal alignment.

Never wear heels longer than 5 inches. Heels increase the risk
of degeneration of the knee joints. However, not all flat shoes
are good for your feet. They do not support the arch and can
cause knee, hip and back pain.

Share these exercises with all your friends –
they’ll thank you later when they get their leg muscles in

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