Do Not Correct a Fool, or He Will Hate You

People are often happy when they receive praise, and don’t feel comfortable listening to comments about their mistakes. Their reactions are usually divided into two categories.

First, they listen attentively and are grateful to the person who points out his or her weaknesses. They are wise people who want to improve themselves by changing themselves.

They think again about their actions and correct them in a positive way. They are grateful to you, because you told them things they could not realize themselves.

The second way of reactions is to be conservative, they may reject your comments, or even hate you. These people, they default that they were good enough. Their narcissism doesn’t allow them to accept that there are still things they can do better.

They consider you as some one who does not understand things, are very talkative and conceited. The result for them is that they are no better and you don’t get anything from them but hatred.

Therefore, you should consider carefully before making suggestions to someone. Choose wise people, instead of the conservative ones to give your advise.

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