D-Day Hero’s Lost Postcard Finally Delivered to his Family 77 Years After Being Sent

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“It was the most surreal thing on a Friday night to suddenly read a postcard that dad had written 77 years ago when he was training to be a sailor in the Navy,” his daughter Joanna Creamer told the BBC. 

None of his six children live in the family home, but a distant relative, the stepson of their cousin Dan—Caldwell’s nephew, does. It was this stepson who alerted Dan, who sent a picture of the postcard to one of the children, Jane, who shared it in a family WhatsApp group.

Family of Bill Caldwell

Another of Caldwell’s daughters, 58-year-old Elizabeth, said, according to Yahoo!, “It’s a crazy story and it’s hard to believe. My mum wrote letters and postcards but Dad never wrote. To actually see his handwriting was beautiful.”

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“He had such an impact on us and our kids he was such a great role model,” Elizabeth added. “Mum wrote on his gravestone ‘A Liverpool gentleman’ and that’s what he was. He would give anyone the time of day and that’s why it’s so magical to get this glimpse of him.”

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