Check Out These New April Fools Gags From Some Clever Companies Online

We’ve scoured the web to bring you the best April Fools’ jokes from brands around the world.

From cauliflower-flavored Peeps to an anti-gravity trampoline that we really wish existed, check them out—and share your own favorites.

The Canadian Space Agency figures out an enduring mystery…

And, we thought they went out the hold in the Hozone.

New tea bags are ‘self-jiggling’…

To be honest, we’re kind of hoping that Lipton does put some of their innovators onto a bag-jiggle technology that “guarantees even infusion, and aids milk dispersement.”

Toilet tissue to make you smarter

The language-learning app Duolingo knows that some of us spend at least a little toilet time playing on apps. So they created the Duolingo Roll that “turns your bathroom into a classroom.”

These joke-rolls have actually been made. Head over to their social media channels today for a giveaway of loo rolls in Japanese, Portuguese, English, Chinese, and Spanish. ¡Olé!

The ultimate perfume for book lovers…

Kobo Rakuten

eBooks company Rakuten Kobo has described its new perfume as having “just a hint of the musty smell of aged paper.”

“Our new signature fragrance conjures memories of old-school reading with a sprinkling of violets and a dash of tasteful potpourri. For those who just *need* the scent of paper to dive into a good story, we’re here for you too.” Sounds good to us.

Cauliflower-flavored Easter Peeps!

Green Giant/Peeps

Regular Peeps are pretty much straight injections of sugar. But Green Giant’s April Fools peeps? They taste of sugar… and boiled vegetables. Sound good to you?

The jigsaw puzzle to end all jigsaw puzzles…

Blue Kazoo

It’s been a good year for jigsaw puzzle manufacturers, but we’re not sure this $100,000 one, made up of 100,000 brilliantly blue pieces—of “unadulterated azure agony”—would actually do well if it went on the market. But it’s a great play for a company called Blue Kazoo.

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Garlic and Guacamole Toothpaste for everyone…

Doesn’t this ‘hand-scooped’ GuacPaste toothpaste from Chosen Foods look mighty fine? Who wouldn’t want to freshen their breath with “aromatic savory flavors.”

The ultimate face mask…

Peanut butter is super popular. Beauty subscription services are super popular. Put the two together and what do you get? Ipsy plus Jif came up with creamy peanut butter sheet masks and more.

The world’s first anti-gravity trampoline is launched (sort of)…

Outdoor play company Vuly has gone more than a little sci-fi, with an anti-gravity trampoline that… turns out to be just a joke. Still, watch the video and imagine something this fun was real!

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The most authentic campfire marshmallows around…

Jet Puffed

So the fire pits are all sold at the local hardware store—but that shouldn’t mean you can’t get your fix of perfectly toasty mallows. Jet-Puffed, for one day only, is giving a glimpse of something people might actually pay good money for: marshmallows flavored so they’re already “burnt to that perfect level of crisp.”

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