Birth flower, what flowers say about your personality

Do you know what your birth month flower is? Use our ultimate guide to give a special someone in your life a personalized flower bouquet for their birthday. Although not everyone knows it, just like our zodiac sign, each of the 12 months is associated with a flower. So not only does your birth flower … Read more

‘I’m just trying to make people smile’

Instagram/@Shaqfu_radio NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal played in 15 All-Star games and has more awards than we can list. After retiring from play, Shaq suited up as a high-profile sports commentator, but for a long while, he’s been earning a reputation as an MVP in another arena—random acts of kindness. As quick with a spontaneous, spur … Read more

Endangered Trout May Soon Return to Los Angeles

An ambitious restoration of the concrete drag strip that is the Los Angeles River could welcome back endangered southern California steelhead trout to one of the country’s biggest cities. After dramatic flooding in the 1930s saw flood control measures turn a once-major migration route for the fish into a 49-mile paved waterway hemmed in with … Read more

This Guy Missed Traveling and Has Recreated Airplane Meals to Get Through Lockdown

The limitations on travel during the pandemic has given many cabin fever, ad one aviation enthusiast in Scotland is relieving his frustrations in some extra curious ways. Pulling out an authentic airplane trolley, going back over Instagram airplane photos of past  trips, and rolling up his sleeves, Nik Sennhauser has been recreating his favorite airplane … Read more

Good News in History, April 16

100 years ago today, Peter Ustinov, the iconic actor, writer, filmmaker, and diplomat was born in London (just barely because his Russian parents had just arrived there). He won plenty of awards, including two Academy Awards for Supporting Actor (in Spartacus and Topkapi, and a nomination for Quo Vadis); 3 Emmys (Omnibus: The Life of … Read more

Drop Off Your Old Socks and This Company Will Recycle Them Into Cozy Dog Beds

Smartwool Smartwool designs base layers, baseball caps, leggings—basically every apparel item you could want for an active day out in nature. But what the Colorado brand is really known for is its socks. Super cozy, super quality, Merino wool socks. As of Earth Day on April 22, Smartwool will be recycling your old socks—no matter … Read more