Artist Fixes Cracked Sidewalks and Potholes on Roads With These Colorful Mosaics

Unless some particularly hardy flowers are blooming among them, cracks in the sidewalk aren’t normally the most beautiful of sights.

As for water-filled potholes? Again, they don’t rate too highly on the list of aesthetically pleasing displays.

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So if you’re—say a French street artist with a delightful penchant for mosaics—you fix up those displeasing sights in the most colorful way possible.

Check out what Ememem has been up to in his home city of Lyon.

He’s also been to a few other European cities, including Paris, which you can check out in the bright gallery below—and maybe, soon, in real life?

When street art looks like the walls of a grand cathedral.

Or an ancient wall in Portugal.

Hands up if you’d like to repair cracked walls like this?

And go to colorful plazas like this?

Blue swirls draw in the eye…

… Orange splashes on the sidewalk do too.

Ememem loves the most colorful hues.

He makes the sunniest repairs…

… And it’s wonderful.

Featured image: Instagram/@Ememem.Flacking

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