A Beautiful Soul Will Always Be A Beautiful Soul

Answered: What is the meaning of this quote “a man who has a beautiful soul always has some beautiful things to say but a man who says beautiful things does not necessarily mean that they have a beautiful soul”?

It means that beautiful things owned by someone doesn’t necessarily represent that persons insight, or wisdom.

If anything, some of these people have become a slave to the beautiful things which they own.

Materials can often cripple their connection to Source wisdom, which can hinder or distort the beautiful things spoken.

On the other hand a person with a beautiful soul, doesn’t need to have material things to showcase their gnosis or the beauty that is within Being.

That person is living from a deeper space, that person is a cosmic co-creator becoming a muse unto themselves and then the ones around them.

The beautiful things said come from a deeper connectedness to Source so therefore the beautiful things drip from their lips like honey.

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