7 Signs That Define You As a Strong Woman

Although women are a lot more mature than men, in many, many ways, it is also true though that there is a fine line between a girl and a strong woman. And no, it is not the age. A strong woman can be 22 and 44 both.

However, it is often hard to identify a strong woman, because unlike girls, she won’t merely blab everything out on the table for you. There are about nine distinctive traits that only a strong woman has – so, let’s find out if you are one.

1. She Really Does Not Need You

It is not uncommon to meet someone who works and find them independent. Independent is not just about having a job. Independence which a strong woman has is a lot more than that. She is someone who has a job and does everything that a couple would do by herself. She does not need a man to grill on Labor Day, and she does not need a man to fix the light bulb. She has it all under control.

2. She’ll Say It

The most amazing part of a strong woman is that she does not sugarcoat words. If she does not like something, trust me, you will find out, real fast. She does not go around circles trying to get you to pick on what she is saying, instead, she would simply just say it.

3. It Is Not About Sex

Sadly, most men consider innocent flirty a sign to get into a woman’s pants, but with a strong woman, if she is looking for a relationship, she is really looking for a relationship. For her, a relationship does not revolve around sex – it is part of it – but it is not it.

For a strong independent woman, sex is not a priority. Meaning is.

4. Somethings Belong to Her Only

When it comes to being with a strong woman, you will realize that it takes a lot to get her to tell you about who she really is. For most of the initial time, in the beginning, you’d go on weeks without really knowing anything. Well, that is because of two reasons: 1) it is none of your business, and 2. she wants to take her time because of her past experiences.

5. At Times, She Couldn’t Care Less

A strong woman is independent and is capable of doing anything she wants to, on her own. So, for anything which is a minor concern, she really couldn’t care less. It is for this reason why breaking up, or parting ways for strong women is not that big of a deal, because if it hasn’t been several years of you two being together, it doesn’t really matter to her.

6. Seeks Respect, Only

Although you particularly do not have to be a strong woman to demand this, it is just that strong women keep respect as the topmost priority in a relationship. They don’t care if you are out late, or need more time, but the day you are disrespectful to her, that is pretty much the end of the relationship for you.

7. She Knows What She Wants

When it comes to her priorities, you are not it. You may be up there, but she has gone through enough in her life where she knows a human cannot be a priority. Her priorities are her career, financials, and her passion to travel. Now, sure, you can be a part of it, but that doesn’t make you her priority.

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