6 Problems All Old Souls Experience at Some Point in Their Life

Old Souls can be defined in many ways, mainly that they are wise beyond their years and like spending time alone.

They also like doing things that generally elderly people enjoy, no matter their actual age.

If you’ve experienced any of these common problems, you’re probably an old soul too:

1. Not fitting in with those your own age

Growing up as an old soul can often mean your peers don’t understand you. Their interests and hobbies can be widely different to your own, meaning you spend a lot of time alone or seek companionship in those older than you.

2. You take criticism and betrayal in your stride

Old souls are wise beyond their years, with a depth of knowledge and understanding behind them. Meaning when problems arise, old souls are able to look past the initial problem and seek the reasons behind it, in order to forgive. This can mean people may take advantage of you as they assume you’re going to let everything go, no matter what they do.

3. You tend to use your gut feeling over logic

Some people believe all decisions should be made using our heads, whereas old souls tend to prefer to go with their gut reactions. If a situation, person or conversation is bad, they can feel it deep within themselves and tend to trust that feeling.

That doesn’t mean, however, that old souls don’t spend a lot of time contemplating issues and problems. It simply means they go with their instinct a lot more often than others.

4. You never really feel at home

Old souls tend to never really feel comfortable ‘at home’, as they can’t seem to discover what that means. Some old souls travel to try to seek some comfort and belonging in their surroundings, but can’t seem to feel settled.

Whether you’ve lived in a variety of different countries or have only lived in one place your whole life – you never really feel as though you fit in, almost as though you should be from a different era.

5. Your desire for solitude can impact many areas of your life

Mainly your social life. Old souls tend to like a lot of time alone, which can mean other areas of their life can suffer because of this. Old souls draw their energy from being alone so when an old soul is constantly around others, they feel drained and need to get away. This can cause problems when other people don’t quite understand this feeling.

6. People trust you

Whether it’s a well-known friend or a complete stranger, people often turn to you as a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen. Being an old soul, you may give off a comforting vibe that just draws people in, giving them the impression you’re there to listen to them, which can be hard when you don’t know how to disengage conversations or leave situations.

If any of these problems sound like you, then chances are you’re an old soul. There are many defining traits of an ‘old soul’ that go above and beyond this list, so take it in your stride and embrace the old soul in you.

Let us know in the comments if you would define yourself as an old soul – I want to know how many people are like me!

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