20 easy, quick and delicious wendy’s salad recipes

No more boring salads! Now you have infinite ideas and suggestions to make your wendy’s salad a pleasure to eat in a short time.

1. Chickpeas and vegetable salad

Take some boiled and drained chickpeas and mix them with onion, green bell pepper, tomato, lettuce or any vegetable you have in the fridge. For dressing, simply add a little oil, vinegar and salt. That easy to do and so fast.

2. Strawberry and radish salad jars

wendy's salad

In some jars, add green sprouts, cubed carrots and cheese, sliced radishes and strawberries. Finally, decorate to taste. A simple idea that is so tasty and effective. It can also be served in glasses.

3. Tabbouleh with mint and tomatoes

wendy's salad

You can use the per-cooked couscous or you can hydrate the wheat semolina yourself for 3 minutes, it’s super easy to do. Just mix it with tomatoes cut in half, cucumber, green and red bell pepper, some mint leaves and lemon juice. If you want it to look like that, you can use a kitchen ring or a bowl and turn it over.

4. Spiral vegetable salad

wendy's salad

For this you need cucumber, red peppers, red onions, tomatoes and boiled potatoes. Wash the vegetables and cut them into slices. When serving, take a round tray, place the slices in a spiral and season to taste.

5. Red cabbage salad

wendy's salad

Clean the red cabbage and chop it into very fine slices. Add half a teaspoon of seeds, 2 tablespoons of oil, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, salt and pepper. Scrape a carrot, cut it into thin strips and add them. Next, add the mango or the baked apple cut in slices; small radishes cut in very thin slices forming a flower; a little bit of crumbled cottage cheese and some almonds cut in slices. As you can see, the result is amazing. To emphasize its sophistication, spray some poppy seeds on top.

6. Salad of spinach, apple and mushrooms

wendy's salad

Simply delicious, it only has 180 calories. They have fresh spinach leaves, carrots, chives, apples, mushrooms and a handful of chopped nuts. Combine all the ingredients and dress it with a vinegar and olive oil and, a pinch of fig jam or whatever you have. So that the mushrooms and the apple don’t get blackened, sprinkle them with lemon after washing and slicing them.

7. Persimmon and artichoke salad

wendy's salad

For this salad you can use other kinds of seasonal fruit, instead of persimmons, and canned artichokes if you want to save time. To make it with fresh artichoke, cut it in thin slices, fry it, remove it and set it aside. Peel the persimmon and cut it into slices. Prepare the salad with lamb’s lettuce as a base, the persimmon and the artichokes, and to finish off some cheese shavings, and very nourishing.

8. Tropical salad of rice, pineapple and prawns

wendy's salad

Cook white rice, then drain it and let it cool down. Then add some cooked and peeled prawns. Put in some cooked beef and pineapple cut in small cubes, and drained corn. Combine everything well and add some chopped chives, salt and pepper, water with oil and stir. Easy, isn’t it?

9. Tofu and Walnut Salad

wendy's salad

Quick, fresh and delicious. Mix mixed lettuce leaves with some red cabbage, carrots, and black olives. Mix some tofu or cheese cubes and some chopped nuts.

10. Salad of lentils and rice

wendy's salad

Mixes cooked and drained lentils and rice. Then add onion, carrot, red bell pepper and some leaves of baby spinach. For a more sweet touch, you can poach the onion a little bit before so that it loses its acidity.

11. Spinach salad with anchovy and sun-dried tomatoes

wendy's salad

It’s as simple as what you see. A base of fresh spinach leaves with sun-dried tomatoes in oil, anchovy in vinegar and small cubes of mozzarella. You can add some chopped pistachios on top to give it a crunchy.

12. Grilled fruit salad

wendy's salad

Contains apricot, nectarine, cherries, apple and banana. Cleans and dries all fruits except the banana. Reserve the cherries. Cut the apricots and nectarines in thick slices while the apple is cut in fine. Peel and cut the banana. Sprinkle everything with lemon juice. Grease a grill with butter and roast the fruits separately. Serve them mixed with the cherries, whole or pitted and cut in half. And dress with some yogurt and honey.

13. Melon salad with beef

wendy's salad

In a rocket bed, add balls of the melon you like (this one is cantaloupe), rolls of Iberian beef, some mint leaves, oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Only 122 calories. For the meat to be more flexible, take it out of the fridge for a while before cooking it.

14. Potato and tuna salad

wendy's salad

First, fry the tuna with very little oil, and if you want, add a splash of wine to give it more flavor. On the other hand, cut some boiled potatoes with skin, cut them into slices, and add cherry tomatoes, tender onion, green bell pepper, and a light dressing. You can add some cooked peeled prawns if you want to give them more protein.

15. Rice with chicken and tomato salad

wendy's salad

Like pasta, rice works super well as a base for a salad that you have to take to work, for example. Since the green leaves are poached right away. For this one you only have to cook rice (or pull one that is already precooked or that you have saved to save time) and add some sautéed tomatoes, some grilled or roasted chicken tacos, and the aromatic herbs that you like the most.

16. Orange and cod salad

wendy's salad

Put a few slices of peeled orange and, on top, red onion rings, crumbled cod, black olives, a little chopped chives and dressing to taste. Refreshing, nutritious and delicious. If you want it to be even more nutritious, add slices of hard boiled egg.

17. Mussel and cockle salad

wendy's salad

On a bed of lettuce sprouts and other green leaves put bell pepper cubes, palm heart slices, tomatoes. Add some cockles and some canned mussels. And decorate with vegetable sprouts. To make it even tastier, steam the cockles and mussels.

18. Turkey salad with pear and walnuts

wendy's salad

To make it, sauté some strips of turkey breast for about 5-6 minutes. Once they are done, put them on a bed of lettuce together with pear segments sprinkled with lemon, and nuts. Dress with a vinaigrette softened with a little honey. Decorate with chopped chives, other aromatic herbs or sprouts. Easy, isn’t it?

19. Apple and Roquefort Salad

wendy's salad

We chose lettuce leaves mixed with watercress for the base. Next, some celery slices (previously washed and free of threads), and some red apple slices with skin. Then, add a yogurt sauce, Roquefort and a little olive oil. And finally, chopped walnuts have been sprinkled on top. To avoid darkening the apple, sprinkle the slices with lemon juice.

20. Green chicken and cheese salad

wendy's salad

It has a mixture of endive and arugula with tender sprouts of other lettuces, tomato, ball cheese cubes and a grilled chicken breast fillet. For a more sophisticated touch, you can add a few small ears of canned corn. It is easy and delicious.

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