Officer Eugene Goodman Escorts Kamala Harris During Inauguration–After Congress Introduces Bill to Give Him Medal of Honour

Capitol police officer Eugene Goodman, who’s being called a hero for single-handedly steering a mob away from the Senate chambers on January 6, escorted Kamala Harris to the presidential inauguration ceremony on Wednesday. He was there in his new role as acting Deputy House Sergeant at Arms. Goodman has been celebrated since footage was released showing him … Read more

Seagrass Balls Filter Millions of Plastic Particles From Water, Says New Study

Good News Network has covered how resilient and good for the climate seagrass meadows are, but now a new study proves they can provide even more value to humans looking to help heal the wounds inflicted on our planet. Spanish researchers have documented that seagrass ‘Neptune balls’ can act like plastic mousetraps, entangling bits of … Read more

Good News in History, January 20

125 years ago today, George Burns, the comedian, actor, singer, and writer, was born. Reaching 100 years old, he was one of the few entertainers whose career successfully spanned vaudeville, radio, film, and television. Burns had a sudden career revival after playing a beloved comic elder statesman in the 1975 film The Sunshine Boys (opposite … Read more

Iran Has Passed a Bill That Protects Women From Domestic Violence

Hardly considered a bastion of liberal values, the Iranian executive branch has nevertheless drafted a piece of legislation to prevent several forms of violence against women. The bill, called the Protection, Dignity and Security of Women Against Violence, actually pre-dates the administration of President Hassan Rouhani, and has been the result of resolved women activists … Read more