Good News in History, June 15

80 years ago today, the singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson was born in Brooklyn, NY. His experimental work with pioneering overdubs in the 1970s, can be heard on Without You, One (is the Loneliest Number), and Everybody’s Talkin‘ from the film Midnight Cowboy. John Lennon, who produced and played on Nilsson’s Pussy Cats LP, once was asked at a … Read more

Ancient Chicken Laid An Egg That Lasted 1,000 Years Without Being Broken

And now from the files of our ‘Too Much Information Life Hacks Department’… While you might have heard pickling eggs is a great way to extend their shelf life, did you know preserving them in poo can keep them in near-mint condition for 1,000 years? Well, in near-mint archaeological condition, at any rate. Yoli Shwartz/Israel … Read more

Maverick Gets 40 mpg and Starts at $19,995

Ford The ink is hardly dry, so to speak, on the last announcement of a Ford electric F-150 and already they automaker has rolled out another option to satisfy another chunk of the enormous market share of American truck buyers. The Blue Oval’s latest green offering is the new Ford Maverick, a hybrid that starts … Read more

Good News in History, June 14

55 years ago today, the Vatican abolished their list of prohibited books going back to 1557. The list still included authors like Descartes, Pascal, Voltaire, Rousseau, Balzac, Milton, Locke, Swift, Kant, Spinoza, de Balzac, Franics Bacon, Zola, Sartre, and Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables. (1966) MORE Good News on this Day: It is Flag Day in … Read more

Man Who’s Able to Talk Backwards Stuns Strangers on the Street (WATCH)

John Austin has been delighting people his whole life with a talent for talking backward. Since the age of five, when he accidentally played the Mary Poppins record backwards and learned to sing with it, this 51-year-old has been speaking apparent gibberish—but now with smartphones, he can play it backward so others can confirm that … Read more

New Sustainable Roofing Material Can Naturally Keep Buildings Cool Without A/C

Turning on the air conditioning to its highest setting can bring sweet relief. But your resulting energy bill? Not so much. What if your home could stay cool all on its own—no electricity required? Cooling paper by Ruby Wallau/Northeastern University That’s the premise of Yi Zheng’s new invention. The associate professor of mechanical and industrial … Read more