Good News on This Day in History

Happy 60th Birthday to ‘The Great One’, hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky, who during his 20 seasons in the National Hockey League became the all-time leading scorer in NHL history. The Canadian skater scored more assists than any other player, more total points, and he’s the only NHL player to tally over 200 points in a … Read more

This May Be Earth’s Oldest Rock – But it Was Collected on The Moon

A rock taken by the Apollo 14 astronauts in 1971 from the surface of the moon was just determined to be merely a tourist—not a resident—of our nearest cosmic neighbor. NASA Analysis of the conditions that formed part of this 20-pound stone suggests that, rather than being a new kind of moon rock, it actually … Read more

You Shouldn’t Eat Late at Night: Here’s Why and How You Can Avoid it

All manner of subtle detriments can befall those who eat late at night, or even merely after the sun goes down. These can include heightened blood sugar, decreased insulin sensitivity, inflammation, and shallow sleep—a situation that if occurring in a chronic sense can build the foundation for all manner of disease including Alzheimer’s. The science … Read more

Good News in History, January 25

Happy 40th Birthday to Alicia Keys, the American singer-songwriter and classically-trained pianist who was signed to a major record deal at age 15. A unique blend of ‘Neo Soul’ and R&B, her debut album, Songs in A Minor, with its No.1 single Fallin’, sold over 12 million copies worldwide, and earned the 18-year-old five Grammy … Read more

IKEA Buys 11,000 Acres of U.S. Forest to Keep It From Being Developed

IKEA is continuing to try and remain true to their principals—protecting the environment and striving to become a carbon neutral company, while still remaining one of the world’s  most pleasurable shopping experiences. Stacy Funderburke for IKEA Their latest move is a large purchase of 11,000 acres of forest in Georgia that looked like it would … Read more