Officers Use Kayak To Rescue Dog From Muddy Pond

Most dogs love to swim while others struggle with it. One unfortunate event with water could make a dog avoid swimming for life. For Akela the Boxer Mastiff mix, swimming was all fun and games until she got trapped in muddy waters. A person who lived nearby spotted her struggling to swim in a muddy … Read more

When I wanted to give up, God told me to get up

When I wanted to give up, God told me to get up No matter how hard we pray, at times it can feel like God is taking an eternity to show up and do something about our circumstances. In those moments, Satan wants to use our impatience to convince us to doubt God’s faithfulness. God … Read more

Sending HUGS & WELL WISHES – Happy 4TH of JULY

When we think about the birth of this great nation, Congress declared July the 4th 1776 and issued a proclamation. With this decree, the thirteen colonies are now free. We will no longer live under England’s Monarchy. Five great men were given the task to draw up papers for freedom at last. Thomas Jefferson, we … Read more